Chris Federer & Sam Gerida
Veronika Morris & Gemma
As a woman bonds with a horse, attempts to understand and interpret... she is nurturing, facing her fears, and moving beyond boundaries.
Essential lessons in any relationship.
Then in this new, quiet communication of touch and thought, intuition and expression...she finds at last, her Self.
Kim McElroy
Chloe Gosselin & Milo                                                           
Sam Lewis  &  Kalypso or Mon Ami
Rich Devin & Immerjoy
Dr. Margaret Goodman & Fabian
Marthe Winner, Ed Raby & Fancy
Claire Davies & MacKenzie
Elaine  Wenger-Roesener &
Gathan Alfarvad Z "Peter"
Kara Pack & Midt-West Dacapo
Sunnie Heers & Lego 
Allison Bonanno & Leo
Charlotte Nielson & Sam Gerida
Tedi Anne Templeton & Ferragamo
Kennedi Templeton & Oakley

Kennedi Templeton & Ulliman
Janine Karas & Morris Code
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